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The Pillars of IDS

eos eos tools ids Aug 16, 2023
The Power of Three: Introducing IDS in EOS

In today's dynamic business environment, it's not enough to merely react to problems – businesses must anticipate, adapt, and resolve them efficiently. Enter the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), a holistic management system that's transforming how businesses operate. And at its core? A simple yet profoundly effective process known as IDS.

 The 3 Pillars of IDS

  1. Identify: Before you can address any problem, you need to clearly and succinctly pinpoint it. This step isn't about solutions or discussions. It's about crystallizing the exact nature of the issue, ensuring everyone is aligned and understands the core problem.
  2. Discuss: Once the issue is clearly defined, it's time to explore it in depth. This isn't a free-for-all chat, though. It's a structured discussion, aimed at delving into the intricacies of the problem, considering all perspectives, and ensuring all relevant data is considered.
  3. Solve: After thoroughly understanding the issue, the team moves on to finding the best possible solution. And it's essential that by the end of this phase, not only is a solution identified, but actionable steps are laid out to implement that solution.

Benefits in Brief

  • Clarity and Focus: IDS ensures that teams aren't bogged down by ambiguous problems. By forcing an issue into the 'Identify' phase first, teams gain clarity and can maintain their focus on what truly matters. IDS forces teams to get to the root of problems, eliminating confusion and ensuring the right issue is addressed
  • Efficiency: Ever been in a meeting that seemed to go in circles without ever arriving at a conclusion? IDS counteracts that by offering a clear structure, ensuring discussions are always productive and geared towards finding solutions. By following a structured approach, teams can resolve issues faster, saving time and resources.
  • Accountability: With the 'Solve' phase requiring actionable steps, there's always a clear path forward post-discussion, ensuring team members know their responsibilities.
  • Enhanced Team Dynamics: By following the IDS methodology, team members learn to communicate more effectively, trust each other's insights, and collaboratively approach solutions. By involving team members in discussions, IDS fosters a sense of involvement and ownership among staff.
  • Action-Oriented: IDS is all about solving problems and taking action, making it a results-driven approach.
  • Reduced Recurrence: Properly identifying and solving issues at their core reduces the likelihood of recurring problems.


The IDS methodology within the EOS isn't just a systematic approach to problem-solving; it's a philosophy that champions proactive thinking, clarity, and efficiency. For businesses eager to cut through the noise, to find and implement solutions with speed and precision, it's time to embrace the power of three. Adopting IDS as part of your EOS Implementation let's you experience streamlined decision-making that drives results.

Next Step:

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